Traffic Monopoly Review

Traffic Monopoly Review.

Traffic Monopoly Review Image.1Traffic Monopoly Review.  This short course focuses on a traffic source that converts FAST.  Faster and better than, Bookmarking, Facebook Ads, Google SEO.  Social Media, Video Marketing, Blogging & Media Buys.  All to produce, unique targeted visitors.

Traffic Monopoly is an easy step-by-step training course.  It’s about getting, unique targeted visitors, and highly targeted buyers and subscribers – FAST.  Traffic monopoly utilizes a secret traffic method.  (Which I will reveal later).  The course shows you how to take advantage of these secret underused sources.  Because they all have unlimited traffic, with little, if any competition.

I’ve been inside the members area, and followed the course which took me 1 hour. Here’s my purchase proof =====>

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Naturally, I have posted a redacted version of my Paypal email receipt. Block out my private information.

As I said earlier, the course itself is very easy.  There are only 3 Main Steps to follow.  None involve any lengthy “set up” times. There are no long Pdfs books to wade through.  Or no long videos to watch. The training is direct and concise. What to do, what to say, what to write is all given to you.

I am familiar with one of the creators, Mo Latif.  Which prompted me to write this review.  I have purchased training courses from Mo before.  I have use his methods previously with great success.

The secret traffic source mentioned is Solo Email Ads, but with a BRAND-NEW system approach.  In case you don’t know, a solo ad is an ad sent out via email.  It’s sent to an already established list of opt-in subscribers.  You simply rent a part of the list, to send your offer to these subscribers.

Your offer is received by loyal opt-in subscribers.  These subscribers  are already asking for more information about what you have to offer.  The trust is already built-in with the list owner.  And that makes the open rates of solo ads, generally very high.  Which leads to, higher conversion rates from, unique targeted visitors.

Unique Targeted Visitors. unique targeted visitors

The type of traffic you get is Instant Buyer Traffic. All highly targeted for many Markets including:

Internet Marketing Offers.
CPA & Affiliate Offers
Make Money Online Products (MMO).
Work From Home Offers.
Business Opportunity Offers (Biz Opp).
Multi Level Marketing Offers (MLM).
Network Marketing Offers.

Traffic Monopoly provides an exclusive list of non competitive, solo email ad providers.  All have tens of thousands of trusted opt-in subscribers.

Traffic Monopoly Review: Exact Product Features.

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One of the most important section inside the course is an impressive list of solo email ad providers.  Qualified and Proven. With this access, you can drive unlimited, Instant BUYER Traffic to ANY website, squeeze page or offer.

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Traffic Monopoly Price Review.

Right now, the cost is a ONE-Time Investment Of $27.  But this is the Launch Price.  The course was only launched 8 days ago.  The price tag is set to go up, but I don’t know how soon.  Having purchased it a few days ago.  It’s definitely a Bonus getting it at the early-bird price.

My Traffic Monopoly Review Conclusion.

Traffic Monopoly is a high quality course that over delivers in training and resources.  The training is short, straight forward, and very easy to follow.  The access to Solo Email Ad Providers is excellent.  Email Providers that have already been vetted.    Traffic Monopoly has taken a little used traffic resource, and injected a boost designed to maximize ROI.

There is one aspect of the information I think I should clarify.  That is the term “Dirt Cheap Traffic”.  If you regularly use PPC Ads, or media buys, dirt cheap would probably apply.  However, if you are new marketers.  It’s worth pointing it out, in case the perception of dirt cheap is thought of as $0.02 per click/visitor.

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I would describe this buyer traffic as “very low cost”.  You won’t need to spend 100s of dollars.  Far from it, because the subscribers are highly responsive.  And email solo ads do generally produce higher conversions rates.  ROI is more easily gain with this type of traffic. 

Traffic Monopoly Review: Final Note.

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