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How To Improve Google Ranking.

improve google ranking
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Improve Google Ranking By Following The 4 Steps Above.

The first step to ranking high in Google’s search engine is finding the right keywords to begin with. Unfortunately, too many people are still not schooled in the art of the sourcing the right keywords. Far too many are using the “Field of Dreams¬†Approach”. If I build it, they will come – NO, they won’t, because you have to build it right way, and starts with keywords & key phrases!

Remember the days of using Google’s keyword planner tool to find a list of keywords? Back then, finding profitable keywords was a very long hard task. Thankfully there are some talented software developers that have changed all that over the past few years, By developing keyword search tools that give the user a¬†short cut to finding profitable keywords in minutes instead of hours.

So heads up people and take a tip from me. Find your ranking keywords first and do it in minutes with the right search tools! Research & analyse your keywords first then put your list together.

Step 3 – Your Content! build it around your keywords make it interesting & useful to your visitors. Add relevant images or a video. You can read more about website content in an earlier post.

Step 4 – Back links. The BIGGIE. Yes relevant back links are what Google loves to see linked to websites of any niche. It’s a vote, a thumbs up, a like, an endorsement. The more you have the better. Strong worthy back links that actually help your website move up the search listings results are kinda hard to get, but oh boy are they worth it! I will be covering the subject of back links in my next post.

For now, follow the 4 steps above to help improve your website ranking and you’ll be well on your way to getting more visitors!


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