YouTube Video Marketing

YouTube Video Marketing.

YouTube is definitely the major player when it comes to online videos. Anyone can upload just about any type of video and have it seen my dozens if not millions of viewers. Being NO.1 on YouTube’s search is the optimum place for massive exposure, leads and sales. But what about Google Search? Having your video in that NO.1 spot is a tougher nut to crack.

There are a number of courses you can buy to learn how to rank your videos. There are also lots of blog posts, videos and free email course you can read. The trouble most businesses face is the time that it takes to learn and execute all that information. I’ve been through quite a few courses, but the time constraints are still an issue for me. Therefore, last week I handed over the task of ranking a recent review video of mine, (see above) to a professional. It was previously ranking at NO.4 in Google Search.

If you want to rank the videos you upload to YouTube yourself. Here are 7 basic tips you could follow to help make ranking them in YouTube Search, and Google Search Engine more easily and quickly.

7 Basic Video Marketing Tips.

1. Once you’ve decided what your video is going to be about, search for relevant keywords and key phrases. Try to find ones that have some monthly search volume, with medium to low competition. You can use Google’s Keyword Planner Tool to help you find the right search volume.

2. Whatever your niche topic, use your main keyword inside the video message.

3. Choose one main keyword or key phrase for your video title and a few more to use as tags, (descriptive keywords or key phrases that are related to your main keyword within your niche topic).




















4. Write a short description of your video content in the description box. Make sure you at least use your main keyword in the description. It is also good to get a second keyword within the text.

5. Use annotations to encourage the viewer to subscribe or like your video. The arrow in the image below pointing to Annotations is how you get the click to subscribe text inside your video. It’s a simple call to action to get more subscribers. The yellow tab above the video just means, if you want viewers to interact with your video on mobile devices. Chose End screen & Annotations  to add a text message inside the video in stead of an Annotations.



6. Promote your new video on all your social media accounts; Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. Encourage your followers and fans to visit your video, to like and comment on it. This will help your video to get views and social engagement, which can result in your video going viral.

7. Search for videos in the same or similar niche as yours. Watch and comment appropriately on those videos. This sometimes help to get additional views and attention to your own video.

Once all seven of these steps are in place. You will find that your video will creep up the YouTube search results within a couple of weeks, (depending on the competitiveness of your keyword and niche). An additional tip is to use Google Adwords for videos or Facebook promoted ads.

Creating Videos For Your Website or YouTube Channel.

There are dozens of ways to create a video to promote your information, goods or services.  Your niche market will usually determine the type of video you need. If you have enough time to spare, you can create your own videos using your mobile phone or video creation software. You can Google “best video making software” and get a list to choose from. I use VideomakerFX so I can recommend it. With it, you can create many different types of professional looking videos, it is really easy to use.

A second option is to outsource the work to freelance workers. Two of the most popular ones are or Search sellers by ratings and feedback, read the gig descriptions and contact the seller with ANY questions before you order. If you’re happy, order the gig and within 3-7 days, you will have a brand new promotional video you can upload to YouTube for your channel or place it on your website.

Hope you found the information useful let me know what you think by making a comment!

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SEO Video Marketing

SEO Video Marketing.

UPDATED 2016: Graphics & Video Bonuses Below.

Welcome to the age of SEO Video Marketing. If you are looking for an effective way to increase visitors, and sales to your website. You must consider using video.  It is a big part of today’s smart marketing techniques.  

There are many types of videos you can include on your website. Intro videos, animated videos, explainer video, live action videos, whiteboard videos, graphic videos, pro Ad videos and more.  

Why Video Marketing Is Taking Off?

Google owns YouTube, so it stands to reason they’re very much in favour of video marketing. Since this is fact, having videos as part of your website content, and marketing strategy will help you grow your Online Business.

The types of videos mentioned above are very effective.  Especially if they are optimized correctly and have a clear message to the viewer. Video can get you noticed by the Search Engines fast. increase your visitors, leads and ROI conversions rates.

The two biggest problems with using videos to promote your products on your website.  Are that they take a lot of time to produce, and can cost a lot of money.  Especially animated marketing videos. Nowadays, there’s a simple solution to your having to spend $500 – $4995 to get a quality videos on your website.

Very few effective video creating software programs exist.  They are capable of creating, high quality professional looking videos.   Out of all the programs I’ve been researching  A program called VideoMakerFX, seems to be the most popular. 

Watch This Amazing Demo Video.

You will be amazed at the results.

The VideoMakerFX Program, can create videos that capture your visitors attention.  Increase audience retention and lower bounce rates. Video is helping many website owners achieve just this.  You can now create high definition videos to promote your services.

Many different types of high quality videos can be created, from this one software program.  Including, Intro videos, animated videos, explainer videos, live action videos, whiteboard videos, graphic videos, and pro Ad videos.  

If you’re not using SEO video marketing techniques, to promote your Online Services.  Now might be the time to start.  I’ll be checking out other video making software programs.  In the meantime, do your own research to find out more.

Watch the demo video again, or click this link for more information. Seo video marketing, is growing so fast.  If you have an online business, it’s worth using video marketing techniques to promote it.

NEW For 2016/2017.
4 Special Bonuses – A Private SEO Consultation, 2 Graphics & Video Bonuses. Plus Email List Bonus.

Beautiful businesswoman with headphonesBonus 1.

A FREE Private one to one 90 Minute SEO Consultation with a SEO Expert. To help Optimize your site for search the engines. OR a FREE 5 page optimized Website built, to help kick start your online business. (First 19 people ONLY get this bonus).

Bonus 2. videomakerfx-bonus-1

Stunning Video Marketing Graphics Pack.
Amazing collection of PowerPoint templates, logo stings, backgrounds, video player skins, graphic buttons, signs & thumbnails, all essential to VideoMakerFX!

Bonus 3. videomakerfx-bonus-2

How To Market Videos.
A complete video training course starts at beginner level with YouTube Tips, on camera tips, examples & scenarios. This course will show you how to get your videos watched and noticed anywhere.

Bonus 4. videomakerfx-bonus-3

List Building Profits Course.
Once you’ve learn how to market your videos. It’s time to build a larger email list of subscribers for your products. This course teach you the secret formular to email marketing success!


When you purchase VideomakerFX from this page, email me Put VMFX BONUS in the subject link. Copy of your purchase receipt NO.I will get back to you to arrange your bonuses.

*NB: Bonuses will be sent 30 days after the date of purchase.

Seo Video Marketing

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